Each year, more than 100,000 children aged 0 to 18 become a victim of child abuse. This is equivalent to at least 1 in 30 children. It is therefore likely that some children who visit daycare also fall victim to this. Anyone who works in a professional capacity with children or adults must therefore work with a so-called Reporting Code.

Kinderopvang Skar uses a Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Reporting Code. Its objective is to support professionals in dealing with signs of child abuse and domestic violence. The Reporting Code used by Kinderopvang Skar consists of a policy document and a phased plan for applicable situations and is based on the national standard model for domestic violence and child abuse. The policy is aimed at parents/guardians as well as staff members exhibiting unacceptable behavior and/or undesirable ways of interacting with or among children. Detecting signs is considered an important part of the professional attitude of the staff members who work at Kinderopvang Skar.

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