Calculation tool.

Do you want to know exactly what you will be paying for our services? You can make a personal calculation below.

Do you have several children receiving childcare (both daycare and/or out-of-school care?

Always fill in the calculator with the details of all your children receiving childcare. Do this regardless of whether they receive childcare from Korein or another childcare provider. This is important to do in order to make a correct and complete calculation of your net costs. The percentage of childcare allowance you receive for your second child (and subsequent children) is, in most cases, much higher, making the net costs relatively more advantageous for the second and subsequent child compared to the first child receiving childcare. The child receiving the most childcare hours is always the first child for childcare allowance purposes. For more information, please visit the central government (Rijksoverheid) website. 

Childcare Benefit.
You can read everything you want to know about the Childcare Benefit here.


The government recently announced its intention to further increase the government rate to €10.25 for daycare and €9.12 for out-of-school care. The calculation in our calculation tool already works with this increased government standard.