Our vision of child development.

Children develop best when they feel good, and contributing to this is our most important task. Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing we can give children. We do this by creating a warm atmosphere where every child can be themselves, and by stimulating their curiosity in an environment that challenges them. We offer your child the space to figure things out independently and to take their own journey of discovery. To climb and leap and skip. To take initiative and laugh together. To fall every once in a while and get back up. And most of all, to not always colour inside the lines. Because we believe these are the things that get the most out of your child.

Watch them grow at Skar!

Wellbeing and engagement make all the difference.
The most important question we constantly ask ourselves is: are we doing a good job, also in the eyes of the children? Wellbeing and engagement are the yardsticks for answering this question. These yardsticks not only tell us something about the child, they also give us immediate feedback about the impact of our approach. We want to educate and raise children together, in a rich and challenging environment, with space for the children’s own initiative and always in dialogue. As such, these are the pillars of our pedagogic vision:


Raising children together.
Children are entitled to the best possible start in life. To an upbringing and support that ensure they can develop their opportunities and talents to the highest extent possible. Parents are the primary and most important educators to ensure this. From a science-based framework, living pedagogy and years of practical experience, we complement the home situation. We strengthen each other so that children can develop into independent, social, and capable adults who contribute to our society now and in the future.

In a rich and challenging environment.
A rich, challenging environment is a prerequisite for drawing children into engaged activity and therefore development. This environment consists of children, because children learn tremendously from one another. And it consists of adults: parents and professionals, who are role models and add richness and meaning through their diversity. But it also consists of physical space. A space that stimulates exploring, probing, discovering, playing, running around, describing, comparing, discussing, and all forms of expression. An adventurous place with things to do.

With room for initiative.
Offering children space to take initiative best suits the way children play and develop. It is a powerful way to enhance engagement and encourage independence, giving children the best possible opportunities to develop and tap into their talents in a caring, safe, and challenging environment. It is how they become all-round competent.

Always in dialogue.
We look beyond behaviour. We empathise with the children and harmonise our approach accordingly. We want to find out what moves children, occupies them, how we can align with their needs, level, and world of experience. We start from a perspective of acceptance, genuineness, and empathy. It is how - together - we can achieve high-quality interaction, an important basis for enriching a child’s development.