Day care rates.

The cost of day care depends on your personal situation. In many cases, you are entitled to childcare allowance. In that case, the government will pay with you. The amount you actually pay is therefore often lower than the monthly price as mentioned. 

52 weeks

40 school weeks
12 holiday weeks
 Nappies, food, drink, and fresh fruit every day. Excludes allergy food.

€ 10,40 per hour


40 weeks

40 school weeks
Nappies, food, drink, and fresh fruit every day. Excludes allergy food.

€ 11,59 per hour

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  • The government rate for daycare is € 10.25 per hour. This is the amount used to calculate the childcare allowance from the Tax Authorities.
  • Additional childcare is possible, but depends on staff scheduling and the relevant legislation. This will be charged at the 40-week hourly rate.
  • Daycare is provided in full-day units (7:30 - 18:30). Some branches also offer half-days. A morning half-day is from 7:30 to 13:00 and an afternoon halfday is from 13:00 to 18:30. 
  • For the twelve weeks of school holidays, we are in line with the official school holidays for state region South. During holiday times, we may combine groups, and childcare may be provided at different branches.


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