It is important to us that what we offer meets the requirements of your personal situation. This is why Skar offers various products. For more information about preschool, please visit the Preschool page.


We offer daycare and out-of-school care for 40 or 52 weeks per year. We also offer flexible childcare. This means that you purchase a certain number of days (or parts of days) per month. This offers you great freedom to reserve childcare days when you need them most. 

Are you just looking for childcare during vacation periods? That is also possible at Skar. The wealth of possibilities we are offering is unique in this region!

Below you will find more information about our products:

Daycare products 2023

Preschool Arnhem 2023

Out-of-School Care Products 2023

Personalized advice?
The government helps pay for childcare. Would you like to know what you would have to pay? Please contact us for a personalized advice.


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