Out-of-school care.

Ages 4 to 13

Children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. It is important they enjoy their time before or after school just as much as in school. With space to discover what they really enjoy and what they are good at. Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing we can give children. By challenging them at their level and giving them a voice. By listening and giving them space to forget about colouring inside the lines once in a while. We believe these are the things that help your child grow.

What do you want to do?
A question we regularly ask your child. After all, time outside school is free time: children should decide for themselves what they would like to do. They can choose almost anything they like. We are here for a chat, for making a cup of tea while your child reads a good book, plays a game or does some homework. We also offer plenty of great activities: from graffiti workshops to creative extravaganzas, from cooking to dancing. We encourage your child to discover their talents, with indoor and outdoor activities.

Out-of-school and holidays.
We are here for your child during school holidays and inset days. Holidays wouldn’t be holidays without lots of extra fun activities. So please don’t let them wear their best clothes and get ready for an avalanche of stories when they come home!

We offer out-of-school care on school days (except for public holidays and weekends).

What should you bring?
No long lists here: your child should bring what they usually bring to school. We will provide drinks and snacks. Easy!


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