Parent participation.

Skar attaches great importance to contact with parents and guardians. This takes place in different ways.


When you bring your child to the location and/or pick him or her up again, you exchange information with the staff members. In addition, we use a written transfer log at our daycare center. You can make an appointment with your child's mentor for a lengthier conversation at any time.

Parents’ Evenings

Every location organizes parents’ evenings (sometimes together with other locations in the same neighborhood) about interesting topics or about the ins and outs of the location itself.

Local Parents’ Committee

In the Dutch Childcare Act (available in Dutch only), the parents’ and guardians’ right to make recommendations and to be consulted are laid down based on the idea that such consultation must be organized according to a number of fundamental criteria. However, we do not merely want to comply with laws and regulations. We consider parent participation to be of crucial importance to our policies and daily operations. This is why we are happy that our locations all have Local Parents’ Committees. These Parents’ Committees operate according to established rules and regulations that prescribe the manner in which they are to fulfill their role. The Local Parents’ Committee discusses location-specific matters with the Location Manager. You can find more information about your Parents’ Committee on the website of the location.

Central Parents’ Committee

The right to make recommendations and to be consulted is exercised on both the level of the location and the level of the organization. The organization-wide right has been delegated by nearly all Parents’ Committees to the coordinating Parents’ Committee, the so-called Central Parents’ Committee.

The Central Parents’ Committee discusses cross-location matters with the General Director at least 4 times a year. At these meetings, the Central Parents’ Committee has the opportunity to give (unsolicited) advice about any proposed decision concerning the organization with regard to:

1. The general quality policy and the planned pedagogical approach;
2. General matters related to food and the general policy on health and safety;
3. Opening hours;
4. The policy regarding play and developmental activities for the benefit of the children;
5. Changes in the complaints procedure;
6. Changes in rates.

In practice, all kinds of daily and long-term decisions are submitted by Kinderopvang Skar to the Central Parents’ Committee for discussion and/or assessment. Would you like more information or do you have a question for the Central Parents’ Committee? Please feel free to contact us via

A short introduction
The Central Parents’ Committee consists of the following members:

- Marieke van Zwieten
- Guus van der Willigen
- Marjolein Hermelink
- Manou Blom

The Central Parents’ Committee meets approximately eight times a year. On four of these occasions, the Skar Executive Board is present.