Day care.

0 to 4 years.

Children develop best when they are happy in their own skin. A true statement, especially for the smallest and youngest children. It is why we provide warmth, security and personal attention. As well as the space to learn through play, to find out what they like, in their own time and in their own way. You’ll see your child grow before your eyes!


Playing and learning.
We encourage your child’s language development, motor skills and social skills using VVE methods based on your child’s development phase. Most locations offer separate baby groups and toddler groups for even more focused support.

If you are not looking for day care, but would still like your toddler to benefit from our programme, our play group is the perfect choice.

Day care is available all year (52 weeks), from Monday to Friday. We are closed on public holidays.

You can book a whole day or just a morning or afternoon. We use set drop-off and pick-up times because we feel it is important to maintain a good routine and regular habits.

Drop-off: between 07:30 and 09:00.
Pick up: between 12:45 and 13:00.

Drop-off: between 12:45 and 13:15.
Pick up: between 17:00 and 18:30.

Do you have variable working hours? We also offer flexible care.

What should you bring?
Not much: we provide nappies, food and drink. We do not provide infant milk. Please bring pyjamas and maybe your child’s favourite cuddly toy(s) and a pacifier. We provide the sleeping bag. And don’t forget to pack an extra set of clothes, but not Sunday best, because we are busy exploring!

Will we see you soon?

Thanks for finding us! You are warmly invited to come and experience the environment we create at any of our locations. Would you like to calculate the cost of childcare first? View our products and rates or use our calculation tool for a quick overview of costs! For personal advice, please call 026 - 445 71 57.