Flexible care.

If you are looking for childcare but have flexible working days, our Flexible Care may be the solution for you. With Flexible Care, we offer you the option of purchasing a certain number of childcare days per month without the need to set fixed days and times. If you choose the Daycare option, you must purchase at least 2 days or 4 periods (parts of days) per month. If you choose the Out-of-School Care option, the minimum is 2 periods (parts of days). Before the 15th of each month, you tell us on which days in the following month you would like to make use of our services.

• The minimum monthly purchase is 4 parts of days for Daycare and 2 parts of days for Out-of-School Care.
• You can inform us of your desired care days by sending an email to klantcontact@skar.nl.
• Care can only be guaranteed if parts of days are communicated before the 15th of the month preceding the month for which you want to purchase childcare.
• Parts of days in addition to the minimum monthly purchase can be applied for through the parent portal and cannot be guaranteed beforehand.
• The applications we receive after the 15th of the month can only be granted if the number of children and the composition of the group allow for this.
• If you have applied for additional childcare, we will invoice for this even if you do not use it. This is because the place cannot be used for another child.
• You will receive an invoice for the parts of days you applied for one month prior to care. You will receive another invoice afterwards for the other parts of days and any additional parts of days purchased.
• There are several locations in each area that offer Flexible Care. Flexible Care is not a standard part of the product range offered at each location.
• For each location, a limited number of places have been reserved for Flexible Care. If there is high demand for Flexible Care at a certain location, we may not be able to grant all requests. If you have chosen the Daycare option, we may offer you a place at another location.
• Flexible Out-of-School Care is only possible if this does not involve additional transport costs. This will be coordinated between the Customer Care department and the location manager of the location at which your child will be cared for.

Will we see you soon?

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