About Skar.

Children develop best when they feel good, And contributing to this is our most important task. Self-confidence is the most beautiful thing we can give children. We do this by creating a warm atmosphere where every child can be themselves, And by stimulating their curiosity in an environment that challenges them. We offer your child the space to figure things out independently and to take their own journey of discovery. To climb and leap and skip. To take initiative and laugh together. To fall every once in a while and get back up. And most of all, to not always colour inside the lines. Because we believe these are the things that get the most out of your child.

Watch them grow at Skar!


Our pedagogic vision.
We believe that children develop best when they feel good and actively engaged. That is why our pedagogic vision has the following title: ‘Wellbeing and engagement make all the difference!’. We would like to tell you more about this vision and how we make this visible every day at our branches.


A little bit of history.
Two children, placed in the ‘repository’ at the Sonsbeeksingel in Arnhem, August 1899. And so began the childcare that grew into what it is today: around 10,000 children, spread across about 60 childcare branches in four municipalities.


We never do this on our own.
Skar is part of Wij zijn JONG. And together we can achieve so much more. We learn from each other and empower one another in our mission. All Wij zijn JONG brands work from the same pedagogic vision and a common strategy. Together we inspire young people every day and contribute to them growing up to be independent, social, and capable adults.