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Download the Wij zijn JONG Pedagogical Policy for Skar. It is also available for inspection at the care location of your child, as are the other protocols.

Your child is our central focus!

Parents feel that we are making a positive contribution to the development of their children. Children are curious. They like to discover and learn, and do so in a playful way. We find it important that each child can do this at his or her own pace. Based on what he or she enjoys, is interested in or has a zest for. Our pedagogical staff members encourage, value, support and challenge your child. It goes without saying that all of our employees meet the qualifications required by law. We offer activities and play materials for all ages, both for indoor and outdoor use. The child can make his or her own decisions about what he or she would like to do or explore. Our pedagogical staff members work in accordance with the pedagogical policy. This provides a basic standard for our staff members. In addition, every location has a work plan, in which parents can read what the most important pillars of childcare are and how these are given content to at the location. On the website, you can find assessments by the Inspectorate for each location.