Uk & Puk.

Beside children and pedagogical staff members, you may also run into Puk when you visit your child's group. Who is Puk? And what he is doing in your child's group? First of all, Puk is a puppet that the children like to play with. But Puk is so much more than that. Puk is part of a program called Uk & Puk, which has specifically been developed for childcare centers. The objective of the Uk & Puk program is to stimulate the development of children aged 0 to 4 by playing and discovering together.

Uk & Puk offers your child an opportunity to practice speech and language skills, learn how to deal with feelings and other people, move and experience, and acquire spatial understanding.


Activities with Puk
Uk & Puk consists of all sorts of activities around various themes. The themes are chosen to fit in with the experiences and perceptions of your child. Puk often plays an important role in the activities. He experiences something that the children recognize. For example, he has new shoes or he has a cold. He shows the children something, makes a joke and asks questions. Through Puk, the children become involved in the activity and are challenged to participate. Puk is a friend with whom children feel safe. Besides Puk, your “Uk” (the Dutch word for “small one”) is the central focus of every activity.