My sick child

Do you want to know whether your sick child can go to childcare? What is  Skar's vaccination policy? Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

We do not have an internal policy on whether or not to admit unvaccinated children, but always follow the policy of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). In the event of changes, we will implement them as prescribed.

When admitting new children at a branch, you will be asked whether your child is participating in the National Vaccination Programme. This way, we can inform parents who actively ask for it about the number of unvaccinated children at the branch (no names) that we know about. In doing so, we offer insight that allows you to make conscious choices.

We use RIVM’s KIDDI app to always be informed of the latest guidelines and practices for specific diseases. This way we always use the most current information. The KIDDI app contains information about infectious diseases and hygiene guidelines for child centres, toddler care and out-of-school care organisations. This information is based on the guideline for child centres of the National Centre for Hygiene and Safety, which is part of the RIVM.

It's not easy to tell when a child can be classed as ‘sick’. A sick child needs specific care and attention that cannot be provided at a branch. It is at the discretion of the branch whether and under what circumstances a sick child can be cared for. Detailed information can be found in our house rules.