If your child is ill or you are going on holiday, for example, and your child cannot attend, please let us know.

You can do this easily through the parent portal.

By cancelling your child's attendance, the branch knows how many children will be there. We will also wonder why your child is not present if they have not been reported as absent. In that case we will also contact you.

This is important not only in the event of illness, but also when you go on holiday. That way we know approximately how many children will be at the branch during holidays. This allows us to make the best use of our pedagogical professionals and tailor the holiday programme to the children who are present.

No, you cannot. We know from past experience that requests for swaps take up a lot of our pedagogical professionals’ time and that parents are often disappointed if it cannot be arranged. But you can always request an extra childcare day through the parent portal. If this is approved by the branch, you will receive a separate invoice for this. If you are entitled to childcare allowance, you can also request this for the extra hours.

We never reimburse cancelled hours. After all, we are still incurring our costs. Your child is always welcome on the contract days. You will always receive childcare allowance for the hours on these contract days (provided you are entitled to it), even if you notify us that your child will be absent.

No. If you cancel a day for your child in the holidays and you still want childcare for this day, you can reregister your child for this day. After all, you paid for this. If you want to use this option, please let your branch know, so they can put your child back on the list.  

Please be aware that cancelling and reregistering affects our planners. We make the rota on the basis of the number of expected children in accordance with the Wet IKK (Childcare Innovation and Quality Act). You can read more about this on the central government website

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