Cancellation and changes

Do you want to cancel or change your contract? Find the answers to frequently asked questions here.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing: you can send an e-mail to

Good to know
Childcare can be cancelled per day with a notice period of one month. We use the date on which we receive your e-mail as reference when processing your cancellation.

If you become unemployed, you do not have to immediately remove your child from care. From the day you no longer work, you continue to be entitled to childcare allowance for another 3 months. And you can still use up any unused childcare hours. These unused childcare hours remain valid until the end of the year.

Do you want to know how many hours you still have? Make a calculation here.

Good to know
After 3 months and when you have used up all the hours, you are no longer entitled to childcare allowance. Therefore, stop both your childcare and the allowance in time. You need to do this no later than 1 month in advance. This way, you prevent having to pay back childcare allowance.

For more information, please visit the tax authorities website.

You have applied for childcare and wish to change something? Please send an e-mail to or call us on 026 - 445 71 57.

Alternatively, you can contact the customer advisor at the relevant branch. The contact details of the customer advisor can be found on the branch page.

You can change your contract, for example by adding, removing or changing days to better suit your circumstances. Remember the obligatory one-month notice period for reducing your contracted hours. Whether you can change days depends on what is possible at the branch.

Please contact the branches’ child planning advisor to discuss your wishes. The contact details of the child planning advisor can be found on the branch page.

Unfortunately, we cannot pause/temporarily interrupt the contract with a guaranteed return. You can cancel the day and be placed back on the waiting list, and we will include your request in the schedule again from the desired (re)start date. There is a risk that the place will have been filled by another child in the meantime and that we will unfortunately not have any space then.