You have received a letter from us about the temporary closure of a group or location due to staff shortages. In this we indicate that you do not have to pay for the day(s) that you do not receive childcare due to closure. You can read more about this on this website.


Compensation means that you get money back. You get money back because you paid for childcare that you did not receive. For example, due to a temporary closure of a group or location.

You will receive compensation if we have to close a group (part of) for a day due to a staff shortage, while you have paid for the care of your child on that day.

Whoever paid the bill will be compensated. So:

  • Day care: the parents receive compensation.
  • After-school care (before and after school): the parents receive compensation.
  • Preschool/Preschool/Preschool Education:

- Has the parent paid the bill? Then the parent will receive compensation.

- Has the municipality paid the bill? Then the municipality will receive compensation.

- Have the parents and municipality each paid part of the bill? Then the parents will receive compensation for the part they have paid.

No, you only get compensation for the children who are in the group that will be closed. So not for sisters and / or brothers who are in groups that remain open.

No, if employees and children of an entire group of the GGD have to be quarantined, you will not receive compensation. The reason for this is that in the case of quarantine of a (part of a) group, our location is open as usual. The shelter would just be delivered, if there were no quarantine.

  • Was the group closed in January? Then you will be paid the compensation in February.
  • Was the group closed in February? Then you will be paid the compensation in March.
  • Was the group closed in March? Then you will be paid the compensation in April.
  • and so on.

Was the childcare location closed? And were the hours your child spent at childcare reduced due to this closure? If yes, let the tax authorities know within three months. If you don’t, you might have to pay back some of the childcare allowance you received.

What should I do?
Tell the tax authorities how many hours your child has been to childcare.

An example:

Your child usually spends 100 hours a month at the childcare location. In January, the childcare location was closed for one day. This meant your child spent 4 hours less at childcare. As such, you have to amend the number of hours for January to 96 hours (100 – 4 = 96 hours).  

Let the tax authorities know about the change in hours within three months. The easiest way to do this in in the Childcare allowance app. The tax authorities will recalculate how much childcare allowance you will receive.

Where can I find out the reduction in hours my child spent at childcare?
This can be found on the invoice we sent to you, on the right in the overview below ‘Hours’.

Do you not receive a childcare allowance?
Then you do not have to notify the tax authorities in this case.

You pay one month in advance. For example, at the end of February you will receive the invoice for the month of March. Is a group closed in March? Then you will receive a separate invoice (= credit invoice) in May stating how much money you will receive back from us. You will receive this amount on your account in May. It is therefore not settled with other invoices.

Yes, you are entitled to compensation. Please note: this also means that any exchange hours you have received will be adjusted.

Will we see you soon?

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