Flexible swapping.

It may happen that your child will not be joining us at our childcare centre on his or her scheduled day. For this reason, we have an exchange service which you can use to swap a scheduled day. Of course, this is only possible if the staff schedule and the existing legislation and regulations allow for it. You can find more information about our exchange service on this page. 

The exchange service is only available for Daycare and Out-of-School Care. Preschool, Flexible Care and extended parts of days are not eligible for the exchange service.

The exchange service, and the limited options for using exchange hours in particular, creates a lot of upheaval in the group. It also creates an extra workload for our teaching assistants. For this reason, it will no longer be possible to accrue exchange hours beginning 1 January 2023. Previously accrued exchange hours will remain valid for 365 days after the cancelled day and can be used up to and including 31 December 2023.

Accrual of exchange credits

  • Sign your child out through the parent portal or the app in good time, no later than 8:30am on the day itself.
  • You are no longer entitled to childcare on the day for which you signed your child out. This place was made available to another child.
  • If you sign out your child, you will receive exchange points:Daycare (10 points for a day, 5 points for half a day)
  • Out-of-School Care (10 points for a day, 5 points for half a day, 2.5 points for a short part of a day)
  • Exchange points are only allocated for a whole day or part of a day, not in the event of cancellation of a number of hours. We are closed on national holidays. These hours will automatically be converted into exchange credits. 

How to make an exchange application

  • You can apply for an exchange through the parent portal or the app.
  • Exchange is possible within 90 days. There is no limit for applying for exchange days.
  • Exchange applications can only be made in the weeks you purchase based on your contract.
  • You also have the option to swap a whole day for a shorter care day. In this case, remaining exchange points will lapse.

How we assess exchange applications

  • Exchange applications will be approved if there is sufficient space at the location, such that this aligns with legislation and regulations. This means that no more than the maximum number of children allowed will be cared for at the location and that the prescribed pedagogical staff member – number of children ratio is not exceeded. 
  • Exchange applications will be assessed in order of the date of application.
  • After the 20th of every month, exchange applications will automatically be assessed for the next month and, if available, immediately confirmed with parents.
  • If there is no place available, your exchange application will automatically be assigned the status ‘waiting list’. If another child is signed out, you will automatically receive an email to inform you that your exchange application has been approved.
  • As parents can sign out their child at any time up until 8:30am, your exchange application can be approved by 8:30am at the latest on that day.
  • We aim to provide care for your child in his or her regular group. If we do not have a place available in his or her own group, but we do have space in another group, we will always discuss with parents in advance whether the exchange application should go ahead. 

Validity of exchange points

  • Unused exchange points will automatically lapse after 3 months.
  • Unused credits from national holidays will lapse after 1 year.
  • Unused credits from the 46-week contract will be valid for 1 calendar year and lapse on 31 December.
  • Exchange points will lapse after the end of the contract.
  • After adjustment of a contract, exchange points will be adjusted pro rata. If you go from 2 care days to 1 care day a week, for example, the number of exchange points will also have been halved on the starting date.
  • If your child reaches the age of 4 and is going to use our Out-of-School Care service, the remaining exchange points from Daycare will be converted into an adjusted number of exchange points for the Out-of-School Care. For every full day of Daycare, you will receive exchange points for a short part of a day of Out-of-School Care.
  • Exchange points can only be used once and will lapse if a child does not turn up at our childcare centre on the agreed exchange day, regardless of whether he or she has been signed out.
  • Exchange points are child-specific and therefore cannot be transferred to other children.
  • Exchange points are not location-specific, which means you can take your exchange points with you if you switch locations. 

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