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When you go to work, you want to be sure that your child is well cared for. Our childcare centers in and around Arnhem offer cozy, safe and familiar locations where your child is cared for with love and attention.


Reliable and professional

Our staff members are enthusiastic and caring, each and every day. We keep their expertise up-to-date through regular training. Kinderopvang Skar sets high demands on its staff and the pedagogical quality we offer. All staff members are qualified in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and have submitted a Certificate of Good Conduct. Your child has an assigned mentor. This mentor keeps track of the development of your child during the period that he or she is in our care, and functions as your designated contact. Positive assessments by the Inspectorate ensure our quality. In other words, we are doing everything we can to offer loving, trustworthy and safe care to all children.


Standard product: 52 weeks

Are you looking for optimum flexibility and would you like to be assured of daycare throughout the year? Then our 52-week product is the most convenient and complete contract for you! Easy, since you do not have to arrange care for your child every time a vacation period comes around or the school is closed for a day. Since 2013, we have been offering a service that allows you to exchange days you are unable to use (due to a vacation or a national holiday, for example) for another day of your choice. Please refer to our Exchange Service Rules.

Derived products

It is important to us that what we offer meets the requirements of your personal situation. That is why Kinderopvang Skar offers various products for 41, 46, or 52 weeks per year. If you only need childcare during school weeks, our 41-week product is the best choice for you. If you would like 5 weeks of (vacation) childcare in addition to this, you may opt for our 46-week product.

And if you would like optimum flexibility and childcare throughout the year, you may like our Plus Arrangement.

In addition to these 3 contract options, we also offer flexible childcare. This means that you purchase a certain number of days (or parts of days) per month. This offers you great freedom to reserve childcare days when you need them most.

Are you looking for childcare during vacation periods only? That is also possible at Skar. The wealth of possibilities we are offering is unique in this region!

Below you will find more information about our products:

Exchange within a year

Days you are unable to use may be exchanged for other days within one calendar year. If you go on vacation or your regular childcare day falls on a national holiday, for example, you retain the right to these unused days. Read more about the rules of this Exchange Service.


You do not have to give anything to your child to bring to the childcare center. Your child is provided with food, drinks and snacks during the day. Diapers are included in the rate as well. Your child safely goes to sleep in a sleeping bag and clean bedding. Tip: compare our all-inclusive rates, including the exchange service, with offers from other childcare providers.

Personalized advice?

The government helps pay for childcare. Would you like to know what you would have to pay? Please contact us for a personalized advice.