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Purchase additional days before the start of the year and take advantage of lower hourly rates for all of your hours!

At Kinderopvang Skar, you can choose from different products (41, 46, and 52 weeks). If you opt for a 52-week contract, you may purchase additional days. Since you are purchasing more hours in that case, we can offer you a cheaper hourly rate for all hours purchased.

How does it work?

Do you have a contract for 1 care day per week? Then you purchase 1 additional day per year (11 hours). Do you have a contract for 2 care days per week? Then you purchase 2 additional days, etcetera. By purchasing additional hours, you are consuming more care hours per year. Consequently, we can offer all care hours at a lower hourly rate. It is important, however, that you purchase this so-called Plus Package either at the start of your contract or at the beginning of a calendar year.

If you opt for this option, you must take into account that parents whose children attend a Daycare Center (aged 0 to 4) are entitled to a childcare allowance for 140% of the working hours of the parent with the least number of working hours. Parents of children who are attending primary school (aged 4 to 13) and make use of Out-ofSchool Care may claim 70% of the working hours of the parent with the least number of working hours. All types of childcare used by a client are included in the calculation of the childcare allowance to which one is entitled.

What effect does this have on the costs?

You are purchasing more hours. Since you are purchasing these hours at a lower rate, the gross annual amount virtually stays the same. However, your net annual amount, the amount after receiving the childcare allowance, will often be lower. That is because in that case the hourly rate is closer to the so-called WK-rate: the rate used to calculate your childcare allowance. You will understand that all of this depends on your personal situation and family income.

What can you do with the additional care days?

Parents with a 52-week contract may use this additional day whenever they wish throughout the calendar year.
Some parents do not use the additional day, but purchase the Plus Package anyway, because their net costs will
be lower compared to the regular package.


You will understand that we have set up some rules with regard to this service.
• The additional day(s) depend(s) on your contract day(s). In other words, if you purchase 1 day, you buy 1 additional day; if you purchase 2 days, you buy 2 additional days, etcetera.
• You can, of course, always purchase more additional days: the lower hourly rates will also apply to these additional days.
• You can use the additional day as follows:
- Out-of-School Care 52-week contract - as a study or vacation day.
- Daycare 52-week contract - as an additional care day or a vacation day.
• The additional care day(s) is/are valid within the current calendar year (from 1 January to 31 December).
Unused days expire at the end of the calendar year, upon termination of the contract, and in case of modification of the contract.
• The additional care day should preferably be requested 2 weeks in advance from the Location Manager / Team Leader via the Parents’ Portal. He or she will assess whether your request can be honored, based on the relevant laws and regulations and the capacity of the location. We will do everything we can to meet your needs.
• Our unique Exchange Service also applies to the Plus Package. Click here for more information as well as the
rules of our Exchange Service.

Placement guarantee

We can guarantee placement under certain conditions:
• There is sufficient space at a location without our exceeding the maximum number of children and without failing to comply with the relevant laws and regulations.
• In case of study days, especially low or especially high attendance may mean relocation to another (nearby) location, or opting for a group activity at another, larger location.
• We strive to ensure that your child is placed in the same standard care group, supervised by the same group leaders. Your child may also be placed in a different group, for which your prior consent is required.

All-inclusive with even more flexibility

Our care is all-inclusive: food, beverages and snacks in accordance with our food policy. Diapers, sleeping
bag and clean bedding in case of Daycare. Activities (including day trips and transport during vacations) and
transport from school to the Out-of-School Care location (unless otherwise arranged at your location).