My name is Yolanda Kuis. I am a psychologist and labor & organization expert, and I work for MijnKennis, an organization that supports businesses and organizations with legal and professional knowledge and assistance. For Kinderopvang Skar, I have taken on the role of Confidential Advisor for Clients.

The Confidential Advisor

A Confidential Advisor has three “main tasks”. The first task is to coach and support parents/guardians who wish to report unacceptable behavior. This task includes:

  • conducting meetings;
  • helping to find a mediator;
  • supporting the parents/guardians during the process of lodging a complaint, during the processing of this complaint and in the period thereafter;
  • supporting the parents/guardians as they report a possible criminal offence to the police;
  • referring them to counselling or support agencies;
  • independently consulting internal/external experts;
  • drawing the attention of other officials involved within the organization to the confidentiality of the matter;
  • having access to all parts of the organization and direct access to the executive board/management and participation bodies.

Unacceptable behavior

Unacceptable behavior can be divided into:

  • physical violence and neglect (physical aggression such as punching, kicking, scratching, biting or withholding food, attention or care);
  • mental abuse and neglect (verbal aggression such as threatening, shouting, insulting, bullying, systematic ignoring etc.);
  • sexual abuse (sexual harassment, verbal or physical, sexual violence and rape);
  • destruction of someone else's property and/or unauthorized access to indoor or outdoor parts of the Daycare or Out-of-School Care center;
  • the feeling that a victim or onlooker experiences in respect of "incorrect pedagogical actions".

In addition to supporting parents/guardians, I advise Skar with regard to the prevention of unacceptable behavior (available in Dutch only). Finally, I contribute to keeping the policy up to date.


As a Confidential Advisor, I must comply with the duty of confidentiality. This duty is imposed by law and if I forsake this obligation, I am committing a punishable offence. All information pertaining to the work of a Confidential Advisor must be inaccessible to third parties. Do you have a question or are you in need of advice related to unacceptable behavior? Then I warmly invite you to get in touch with me, preferably during office hours, via email or by telephone:

  • 06-23892518