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As is always the case when it comes to safety issues – we are following the advice of the authorities in the relevant field. In this case, that is the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

If you have a question not listed here, please email klantcontact@skar.nl.
Status 26-4-2021 14.00h: 

All our locations are open since Monday 19 April.

All our locations are fully open since April 19. The children are very welcome on the contract days that we have agreed. If your child does not come, please report it via the parent portal.

We would like to thank you very much for your understanding, flexibility and trust over the recent period.

Decision tree - is childcare available for my child?
Please note that your child can only come to daycare if he or she has no symptoms. The BOinK decision tree helps you to find out if your child can come to the childcare centre. Please check carefully before dropping off your child. Because: if one person from the group gets the coronavirus, the entire group could possibly have to self-isolate. This would have a significant impact on the children, on you and other parents, and on our team.

Personal contribution refund payment 
Now that out-of-school care has been reopened, the payments you receive from the government have stopped. You will receive this refund payment at the beginning of June, we have already informed you about this. The government (SVB) will pay the amount up to the state benchmark, and you will receive the other element from us. You do not have to apply for this. For more information about the reimbursement and the different situations, please go to the national government website (in Dutch).  

Do you not receive a childcare allowance now? Then you can apply for the allowance via the SVB website in mid-May.

Exchanging hours and incidental extra childcare
Exchanging hours and requests for incidental extra childcare are subject to the existing rules, also when it comes to the validity period of exchange hours. Because we have to comply with coronavirus guidelines, the options for both exchanging hours and incidental extra childcare are limited.

During the lockdown, including the holidays, it has not been possible to accrue exchange hours. The reason for this is that parents are already fully reimbursed through the reimbursement scheme.

We can get corona under control together
Below you can read what we are doing and what you can do.

What we are doing:

  • We are limiting contact with each child and each employee as far as possible.
  • We are continuing to evaluate the size of the groups critically.

What you can do:

  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • Drop off and collect as quickly as possible.
  • Drop off and collect your child alone.
  • Follow the walking route.
  • Stay outside insofar possible. Need to come inside anyway? Then wear a face mask.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Which websites provide more general information?


Can my child go to childcare?
BOINK (Association of Parents in Childcare) developed a decision tree in collaboration with RIVM, among others. With the decision tree, parents can assess whether or not a child can go to childcare.

The latest version of the decision tree can be downloaded on the BOINK-website (english version available).

Take a look at the decision tree before bringing your child to daycare. If somebody from the group catches coronavirus, it is likely that the whole group has to go into quarantine. This has a major impact on the children, you and other parents, and our colleagues.

Due to further tightening of contact tracing and the quarantine policy for children, it may be necessary for (parts of) groups to quarantine at home for the time being. Do I have to keep paying during the quarantine period?

Everyone will agree that it is not ideal that children are not able to come to daycare, whatever the reason is. If (part of) a group at one of our locations has to quarantine at home unexpectedly, we request that parents continue to pay their invoices.

The reason for this is that our location remains open as usual, even though (part of) a group is in quarantine. As such, daycare would be provided as normal if quarantine was not needed.

This means the situation is different from a complete closure during lockdown periods (still in place for out-of-school care). During this closure, enforced by the government, we were simply unable to deliver childcare because our locations were closed. This was resolved by way of the government’s compensation scheme. The government has not yet announced whether there will be any reimbursement of costs in quarantine situations. We will inform you as soon as we have more information.

Childcare allowance will continue as normal as long as you pay your invoices.

Together with you, we will do everything we can to keep our locations open and minimise the risk of infection as much as possible, so that we can continue to care for your children at our locations.

In 2020 I was able to work fewer hours per month than expected. Will this affect the calculation of my childcare allowance?
Parents who were able to work fewer hours per month than expected will receive childcare allowance for the childcare hours they have continued to pay in 2020.

To this end, the government has broadened the number of hours for which parents can receive childcare allowance for the year 2020. This measure prevents parents who have worked fewer hours as a result of the corona crisis from getting into trouble. More information about this can be found on this government website (dutch text only).

Why does Skar send child data to the GGD for source and contact investigations without the explicit consent of the parents/caregivers? 
The GGD has a legal obligation to conduct a source and contact investigation in the event of an infection with the coronavirus. This is stipulated in the Public Health Act. The manner in which the GGD implements these investigations is set out within the RIVM protocol for source and contact investigation. The GGD is legally obliged to work according to this protocol. Our organisation also has a legal obligation to contribute to their investigations.

In addition to our organisation's obligation to cooperate in source and contact investigations, we, as an organisation, have a responsibility to act carefully and quickly in order to limit the spread of the virus within the organisation. This is necessary because the health of our employees and children is at risk (legitimate interest within the GDPR). We have carefully considered the balance between 'the privacy of child data' on the one hand and 'the social and organisational interest in limiting the spread of the virus' on the other hand. For us, the social and organisational interests currently hold the greatest importance.

In practice, this means that we only pass on names and telephone numbers to the GGD of children who were present on specific days. This information is sent securely. If we were to request consent in advance, it would take too long for the GGD to receive our information. In addition, other children and staff are at risk of infection if consent is not granted. It is for these reasons that the legislator has provided other options (legitimate interest and legal duty) upon which we can rely.

If you have any questions after reading this, please send an email to privacy@wijzijnjong.nl. Our Privacy Officer or Data Protection Officer will address your questions.


How is your refund calculated?

  • You can read this at the website of the SVB bank
  • How much childcare allowance you receive can be calculated on the website of the National Government

Will I get my money back for the hours that I am not utilising childcare? 
The current guidance from the national government is as follows: All parents that receive child benefit are eligible for reimbursement from the national government. This applies to parents not making use of emergency childcare, as well as parents with a critical occupation whose children receive emergency care. As it happens, there are no charges for emergency childcare.

Parents who do not receive child benefit but utilise a subsidised offering from the local authority will be reimbursed for their own contribution by the local authority. This primarily applies to parents with a socio-medical indication and parents whose children attend pre-school education or short-term toddler services (kindergarten).

Reimbursement will be paid during the month of July.

Parents that continue paying for childcare during the closure period will be reimbursed automatically via the Sociale Verzekeringsbank.

For more information, see the national government website.

How will the government reimburse parents for their own contributions? 

The current guidance from the government is as follows: 

To ensure reimbursement is paid out as soon as possible, the government has opted for a simple arrangement based on information available from the Revenue Service, without parents having to fill out forms. A reference date of 6 April has been selected to ensure payment takes place before the end of summer. Parents will be reimbursed on the basis of information known to the Revenue Service at that time, such as number of children, number of hours of childcare and joint income. The Revenue Service will forward this information to the Sociale Verzekeringsbank, which will then pay the money directly to parents in the month of July.

For more information, see the national government website.

For whom is reimbursement intended? 
All parents who receive the childcare allowance qualify for the reimbursement offered by the Rijksoverheid. Additionally, this applies both to parents who did not utilise emergency childcare service and parents working in critical occupations whose children attended emergency childcare. No charges apply to emergency childcare.

Unfortunately, this measure does not apply to clients who receive a different contribution to costs other than child benefit. We will inform you as soon as we know more about this.

Parents who do not receive the childcare allowance but do utilise a subsidised program from the municipality will be refunded their contributions via the childcare organisation. This applies, in particular to parents with a social-medical indication and for parents whose children partake in subsidised preschool education or short-term toddler programmes (play group).

Do I have to pay my invoice?

You should continue to pay the invoice for childcare as you normally do, then you will be compensated by the government for as long as the measures last. You are requested not to make any changes with the Tax Authorities concerning your childcare allowance; you will retain your right to childcare and the allowance will continue to be paid. You do not have to report any changes or cancel your childcare.

Childcare locations are closed until 11 May, will parents be reimbursed for their own contributions after 11 May too?

Yes. Reimbursement continues for as long as partial opening of primary schools and after-school-care continues. This means the national government will continue to reimburse parents for their own contributions towards childcare, out-of-school care and childminding up to the maximum hourly cost after 11 May too. Keep paying the childcare and childminding invoices. That way, you are assured of your child’s familiar place at the childcare location and you keep receiving child benefit.

Also see the information on the national government website.

School hours are adjusted, what does this mean for my situation? Who will cover the additional costs

Out-of-school care is open during the standard times as recorded in your contract. If a school plans to adjust school times, it is important (also after 8 June) that schools and childcare centres form agreements concerning the alignment between school and out-of-school care.

If a school chooses to uphold adjusted school times, the school can bridge the time between the standard out-of-school care times. If the childcare centre is able to collect the children earlier, parents may be invoices for the additional childcare hours. As a result, the contract between the parent and the childcare centre must be amended. Parents will need to agree to these extended contract provisions and inform the Tax Office of the changes for the childcare allowance. 

When can I expect the refund?

In the month of July the refund will be dispensed.

How much reimbursement can I expect to receive?

The extent of the reimbursement aligns as much as possible with your own contribution. The government will reimburse the portion up to the legally stipulated maximum hourly rate (€ 8.17 for daycare, € 7.02 for out-of-school care and € 6.27 for childminding).

The reimbursement also depends on a number of details known to the Tax and Customs Administration/Benefits on the reference date of 6 April: the number of children utilising childcare, the number of hours of childcare and the amount of the collective income. As a result, the compensation may differ slightly from the personal contribution effectively paid.

I was invoiced for more childcare than I am being refunded, why is that?

As the payments are based on the information known on 6 April, there may be differences. The government asks for understanding for small deviations in the final payment.

It is possible that parents had not passed on certain changes, such as additional hours of childcare, before that date. Depending on the number of hours of childcare (more or less hours than before), for example, they would have received a higher or lower childcare allowance. This could possibly lead to a difference in what you have paid in terms of your own contribution and what you will receive in the future.

In the event of substantial differences, there is the possibility to apply for a review or to make use of the objection and appeal procedure.

In addition, the government fee applies up to the maximum hourly rate. If you pay a higher rate, you will receive that portion back from the childcare centre. We will refund you the amount above the maximum hourly rate. We calculate this over the period from 16 March up to and including 7 June.

We will pay this amount to you in July or deduct it from an outstanding invoice.

Do I get exchange hours for the days I have signed my child out and do the rules for swapping still apply?

The reimbursement rules the government has implemented apply from 16 March 2020; the point at which our locations were only allowed to offer emergency care. Your childcare costs will therefore be reimbursed by the government from that date. This means no exchange hours are accrued from 16 March until the government ends the reimbursement arrangement.

From 8 June, childcare will return to standard opening hours and exchange hours can be accrued again.

If my child attends kindergarten, can I get the missed days back later? 
Unfortunately this is not possible.