Safe Childcare

Each year, we perform a Health and Safety Risk analysis at every location. With regard to health and hygiene, we adhere to the guidelines of the Municipal Health Service (GGD). The GGD also inspects all Skar locations on a yearly basis. The inspection report for your child's care location can be found online on the homepage of your location and in the National Childcare and Playgroup Register (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang en Peuterspeelzalen, or LRKP).

Childcare Protocols

Our pedagogical staff members know what to do if something should happen despite all precautions. We regularly perform evacuation drills. There is a trained emergency response officer present at each location and we have protocols in place to ensure adequate action.  

Continuous screening

Every childcare employee must submit a recent Certificate of Good Conduct to his or her employer before he or she is allowed to start working. This certificate shows that he/she has not committed any criminal offences that may prevent him or her from working with children. Since an employee may well commit an offence after he or she has been issued a Certificate of Good Conduct, the Justis Screening Authority checks all childcare employees for criminal offences each and every day. As soon as an employee commits an offence, his or her employer is informed. The employee will then be suspended until he or she has a new, valid Certificate of Good Conduct. The exact procedure can be found on this government web page.  

Four-Eyes Principle

At childcare locations, it is mandatory that during the largest part of the day four eyes and/or ears are available to monitor the group. In this way, situations in which a single staff member is alone with the children are avoided as much as possible. The Four-Eyes Principle is intended to enhance safety in daycare centers.

Confidential Advisor for Clients

Do you have a question or are you in need of advice related to having experienced unacceptable behavior? In that case, you can always contact the Location Manager. If you prefer, you can also submit your question or request for advice to our External Confidential Advisor: Yolanda Kuis. Yolanda is a certified independent confidential advisor.