Your views are very important to us at Kinderopvang Skar. We welcome compliments and suggestions, as well as tips and complaints. Our objective is always to improve our service delivery. Always first discuss a response with the person(s) directly involved, like the childcare worker or area manager. They can then take immediate action. Unable to agree a resolution? Then you can submit your response via the form below.


  1. We believe in tackling the problem at the source. We encourage parents and employees to discuss any dissatisfaction with one another. If the discussion fails to produce a solution, or if you wish to report your dissatisfaction to the organisation, you can complete the form for customer responses below. We will then present your response to the relevant manager(s). In the case of a response which potentially has grave repercussions, the director and cluster manager will be informed immediately. The director will then decide who is best placed to deal with your response.
  2. You will receive written confirmation of who is dealing with your response within one week. In most cases, this will be the site manager or an employee from one of the supporting departments. We will register the resolution of the response and document agreements made during the process. We will endeavour to provide a suitable solution within three weeks of receiving your response.
  3. Once the response has been dealt with, the person responsible will check whether you are satisfied with the proposed solution and the process. The person responsible will get in touch and confirm the agreements made. You will then receive a letter and/or email and your response will be officially closed.
  4. If necessary or desired, we will implement organisation-wide improvements in consultation with the director and cluster manager. The parents’ committee is always involved in changes.

Response form