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In preschool, formerly known as playschool, we support the development of your child (aged 2 to 4) in a playful manner. This provides an excellent stepping stone to primary school to your child. Would you like to encourage the development of your toddler in a playful way? Then Skar Preschool is the right choice for you.


Our toddler-specific approach stimulates various developmental areas in your toddler, such as language, numerical, social and motor skills development. We work with themes that fit in with the daily experience of toddlers and use certified methods that correspond to the methods of the primary school with which we are affiliated. In this way, the transition to kindergarten will be easy for your child. Please have a look at our Preschool Brochure for more information (available in Dutch only).

Locations, periods and rates

Skar Preschool is aimed at all toddlers aged 2 to 4 in the municipalities of Arnhem, Lingewaard, Overbetuwe, and Renkum. During 40 weeks per year, your toddler is very welcome at our locations. To find locations in your neighborhood, please check Locations. There you will find information about opening hours, among other things, and you can request a personal tour. The red circle with the letters PW indicates locations that offer preschool services.
In many cases, you will be reimbursed for part of the costs via the municipality or the Tax and Customs Administration. Would you like to know the amount of your contribution? Click on municipality of Arnhem, municipality of Overbetuwe, municipality of Lingewaard or municipality of Renkum (document is not yet available) to view the income-dependent parental contribution tables. Here you will also find information about sessions and VVE.

Early childhood education and care referral (VVE)

Has your son or daughter been referred for early childhood education and care (the so-called “Voor- en Vroegschoolse Educatie” or VVE-referral) by the Child Health Center? Then your child is entitled to additional support. The municipality will contribute financially to this support. You can view the income-dependent parental contribution table per municipality via the links above.

Registration and Update Form

Would you like to register your child with us for preschool services? Then please select a form below:

Registration Form for the Municipality of Arnhem

Registration Form for the Municipalities of Lingewaard/Overbetuwe/Renkum

Would you like to inform us of any changes in your registration? Then please complete the Update Form.

More information

Do you have any questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to tell you everything you would like to know!