It may happen that your child will not be joining us at our childcare centre on his or her scheduled day. For this reason we have an extensive exchange service, which you can use to swap a scheduled day. You have no fewer than 365 days to use this exchange day. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we have a number of rules.


We strive to place your child in his or her own group with their usual pedagogical staff. Your child could also be placed in a different group: you will be asked to provide your consent for this in advance in the parent portal. If you grant your permission for a second group, this will increase the chance that your swapping requests will be approved.

Within daycare, different swapping points will be allocated for a half-day or a full day to be swapped: 5 points for a half-day and 10 points for a full day.

With a 41 and 46-week contract, you are not bound by the school holidays. You can determine for yourself in which weeks of the year you take your 6 or 11 weeks of holiday. These must be full weeks. You must report your child’s absence at least 6 weeks in advance. During these 6 or 11 full holiday weeks, your child will be absent, so the exchange service does not apply in these specified weeks.

With the 52-week contract and the 52-week-plus contract, our exchange service applies in all weeks. 

When your child turns 4 and is taking part in our out-of-school care (BSO), the leftover swapping points from the day care will automatically be converted into an adjusted number of swapping points for the out-of-school care. For all full days of day care, you will receive swapping points for a short BSO half-day.    

Out-of-school care

Within out-of-school care, different swapping points will be allocated for a short half-day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday), a long half-day (Wednesday, Friday) or a full day (holidays) to be swapped: 2.5 points for a short half-day, 5 points for a long half-day, and 10 points for a full day. You can then re-use these swapping points for any desired short or long half-days or full days, for the corresponding amount of points.

Full days from holiday weeks can also be swapped for school study days. This swap must be requested promptly, at least one week in advance.

With the 41-week contract, swapping is permitted during all school weeks.

With the 46-week contract, you must indicate at least 6 weeks in advance which 5 school holiday weeks your child will make use of out-of-school care. Within this contract, our swapping service applies to the 46 weeks purchased.

With the holiday contract, you can swap your purchased days in the official school holiday weeks. With a 52-week contract or a 52-week-plus contract, you can swap days during all school weeks and holiday weeks.

With the 52-week contract or the 52-week-plus contract, you cannot only swap an entire holiday day for another holiday day, but also for a short or long school day. This is done by means of closed exchange. This means that, in return for submitting a full holiday day (10 points), you can also request a short day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) or a long day (Wednesday, Friday) during the school weeks. Remaining swapping points, however, will then expire. If you do not want your swapping points to expire, you can of course swap a holiday day for a different holiday day or study day. 

Flexible contract

Within the flexible contract, the swapping rules as applied in a 52-week contract shall apply. You can then cancel or swap a previously planned flex day. The compensation for this day will then also be valid for 365 days. 

Spending your plus credit

If you would like to use your purchased plus credit, you will also have to use the parent portal or the app. The request for a day using plus credit takes precedence over the other swapping requests, because you purchased this day in advance. In this way, in principle, a plus day will always be honoured. If no place is available in either your child’s group or the second group, it is possible that we will offer you childcare at another location in consultation with you.

The limits of our swapping service

Swapping is a service that we offer. No rights can be derived from this service. On your child’s scheduled day, we count on your child’s attendance, and we will deploy sufficient staff pursuant to legislation and regulations. If you swap a scheduled day, this means that we still must deploy the same number of employees. Taking a swapping day is therefore only possible if there is space within the existing child and staff planning. In other words: we do not deploy extra personnel for swapping. Additionally, the system takes into account legislation and regulations. That means that we will not accept more than the maximum number of children permitted at the location and that the prescribed ratio of ‘pedagogical staff members : number of children present’ cannot be exceeded.

Additionally, the following also applies:

  • Unused swapping points will in no case whatsoever be paid out in money or offset against an invoice.
  • Swapping points will not be awarded if the child is not reported absent on the scheduled childcare day before 8:30 a.m. in the parent portal or with the app.
  • Unused swapping points automatically expire after 365 days.
  • Swapping points will expire after termination of the contract.
  • Swapping points will be adjusted proportionally after modification of a contract. For example, if you switch from 2 days of childcare to 1 day a week, the number of swapping points will also be halved as of the commencement date.
  • Swapping points will only be awarded in case of cancellation of a full day or a full half-day and not in case of cancellation of a number of hours.
  • Swapping points will lapse if a child is not present at our childcare centre on the agreed upon exchange day or additional requested day, with or without being reported absent. Swapping points therefore can only be used once.
  • Swapping points are child-based: swapping points cannot be transferred to other children.
  • Swapping points are bound to the type of childcare – day care, out-of-school care.
  • Swapping points are not location-based. If a child changes locations during the year, the accumulated number of swapping points can be taken along.
  • Swapping is not possible for the preschool. 
  • Swapping extensions (of 0.5 hours or a multiple thereof) to scheduled half-days is not possible.    

Useful to know

We have a convenient app that puts all of the functionalities of the parent portal in your hand on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for download from the App Store or Play Store.

The digital swapping system works particularly well when parents report their child absent in a prompt manner. Specifically, this ensures that parents that are waiting for a spot can be informed more quickly that this spot is available. This process is automated and is available 24/7.

It sometimes occurs that, when a full day is requested, only one half-day can be offered. If this is an also an option for you, it is smart to request a full exchange day as two half-days.

It is also possible to report multiple children absent or submit a swap request or a request for an ‘extra day (or half-day)’ for multiple children simultaneously.

You can easily report your child absent. After logging in to the parent portal or app, click ‘Opvang’ [‘Childcare’] in the left-hand column. There, you will find your child’s schedule. Select the day you would like to report your child absent and then select ‘Afwezigheid melden’ [‘Report absence’]. You will then be brought to the following screen, on which you can report your child’s absence. In the ‘Toelichting’ [‘Comments’] field, you can indicate whether you would like to accumulate swapping points or submit a swap request immediately.