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Are you looking for childcare, but do you have flexible workdays? Then Flexible Care may be the thing for you. Flexible Care is also convenient if you are temporarily out of a job, but do need childcare (for example, when you are applying for jobs).

Flexible Care offers you the possibility of purchasing a certain number of childcare days per month without the need to have set days and times. You simply purchase a fixed number of days, or parts of days, per month. In case of Daycare, you must purchase at least 2 days or 4 periods (parts of days) per month. In case of Out-of-School Care, the minimum is 2 periods (parts of days). Before the 15th of each month, you tell us on which days in the following month you would like to make use of our services. Your child will be placed accordingly if the composition of the group permits it and if we are able to continue complying with the relevant laws and regulations (with regard to group size, for example).

Personalized advice?

The government helps pay for childcare. Would you like to know what you would have to pay? Please contact us for a personalized advice.